How to Remove Background from GIF 2023

In this post, you’ll find multiple tools on how to remove background from GIF online. Let’s dive into the article and explore these tools.


How to Make GIF Background Transparent?

The GIF image comprises numerous pictures that may have some sort of speed so the background picture would affect the speed of the gif picture therefore we need to remove the background from the gif. This blog will surely help you out in making a GIF background transparent.

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How to Remove Background from GIF

Here are some tools to remove background from GIF online.


Gifmake is one more online GIF creation apparatus that likewise permits you to alter the current ones after you transfer them to the entrance. Despite the fact that you can transfer records that are simply up to 7 MB in size, GIFmake allows you to alter each edge of a current GIF separately. The solitary downside the site has is, that it devours a ton of preparation, and here and there it doesn’t chip away at Mozilla Firefox. 

  • Open Gifmake by clicking the above link and upload your gif image by clicking on the upload
  • Now after uploading click on Transparent Bg on the right and wait for Gifmake to the background image.
  • Make sure you check the Preview to ensure that it’s showing the exact output you want and now click on Download to save it on your PC.


In Gifmagic you can add up different styles to your image. You can crop images you can add multiple effects as well as you can optimize the size of the image. After making the changes you can even modify the GIF.

  • First, you need to Click the Here button and click Browse on the next page, choose the source GIF file, click on UPLOAD BOX, and now click on the Open from the bottom right corner. Now click OK once you go back to the webpage to upload the GIF file.
  • Now go to Edit Menu from the top & go to Transparency and click Add now click GIF in the preview box once, and wait for a while till Gifmagic makes the background transparent.
  • Now click File on the top of the page and click Save to save the new gif file.


Well while using an animizer you can do multiple tasks such as changing the fonts, resizing the image, animating the text, and even changing the format of GIF as well. The website has self-explanatory tools with complete guidance at the top layout.

  • Open the website and Browse the related GIF from which you want to remove the background now Click Continue to Editor.
  • Now on the next page, you must ensure that the Transparent Background option is set to Yes. Now click Generate Animation from the bottom to preview the output of the GIF image.
  • Once you get your Output click on Download situated at the right side of the page to save the modified GIF image.


Ezgif is one of the best tools for editing any kind of image online. You can perform multiple tasks from this such as creation, necessary edits, optimization, adding effects, and splitting a single GIF into multiple frames. Even optimize image size.

  • Open the website and go to the Browse option from the Upload images Section, use the File Upload option to select and add the related GIF file from which you wanted to remove the background.
  • Now to change the background Click on Effects from the standard toolbar at the top, now check the background color (if white make it transparent) by replacing it from the transparency section.
  • Now scroll down and click on Apply Selected from the bottom of the section to Preview the output. If it is satisfying then click on Save and save the related GIF on your computer.

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